Debt Advisory and Restructuring

Our team has extensive experience in debt capital attraction as well as financial restructuring for business recovery.

Rada Capital provides services to raise debt financing for the expansion of your business by expanding its scope or acquiring competitors. Rada Capital will be your reliable partner in sourcing of debt capital for your business from investment funds, Ukrainian and international financial institutions and private investors.

We will identify the optimal method and best terms for raising capital for your development.


  1. Project Finance
  2. Debt restructuring and financial recovery
  3. Debt capital attraction from financial institutions

Project Finance

This instrument is designed to finance large investment projects. Rada Capital collaborates with leading financial institutions, economic development organizations, and export agencies. In addition, our company has good relationships with a number of fixed income funds focused on Central and Eastern European region.

We provide the following project finance services:

  • Project evaluation
  • Project adaptation to the conditions and requirements of the sources of capital
  • Preparation of investment memorandum
  • Conduct negotions with financial institutions, organizations for economic development, and export agencies
  • Attracting of financial and strategic investors

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Debt restructuring and financial recovery

Rada Capital is ready to be your consultant in negotiations with creditors to restructure your debt and raise additional financing for working capital and refinancing of senior debt.

Rada Capital offers the following services:

  • Restructuring strategy development
  • Negotiating restructuring of debt portfolio with creditors
  • Debt refinancing
  • Asset sale
  • Attraction of mezzanine capital

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Debt capital attraction from financial institutions

Attraction of debt capital from financial institutions is a rather complicated and scrupulous process. Many companies are not ready for such a process at all, which is primarily due to insufficient transparency of business and its structure, or because the management of companies is not ready to go through the process. Rada Capital will prepare your company for a loan, structure the deal correctly, and supervise the entire process.

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