M&A and Strategy

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advisory related to deal origination, structuring and organizational and transactional support is Rada Capital’s core area of expertise and business activity.

We provide our services both on the seller’s and on the buyer’s side at all stages of the deal process.

The goal of Rada Capital in originating, organizing and supporting M&A deals is to achieve the optimal result that will satisfy all parties involved in the transaction.


  1. Srategic advisory
  2. Organizational and transactional support of M&A
  3. Sell-side services
  4. Buy-side services
  5. Formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances
  6. Business restructuring
  7. Equity capital markets

M&A Advisory Ukraine | Ukrainian M&A Advisor

Strategic advisory

One of the key areas of a company’s business development is M&A strategy.  Our team will help develop M&A strategy that fully corresponds with the company’s mission and business goals:

  • Expansion to new markets
  • Consolidating market position and securing competitive advantage through competitor acquisition
  • Accelerating business growth and/or improving financial indicators through the creation of vertically or horizontally integrated structures
  • Financial recuperation of business through restructuring or divestiture of assets or wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Total or minority investment exits

Leveraged and management buyout transaction structuring and execution.

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Organizational and transactional support of M&A

We provide a full range of services for the organization and support of M&A transactions at all stages, ensuring minimal involvement of management and company specialists in the process, which in turn increases the level of confidentiality.

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Sell-side services

Our primary goal on the Sell-side is to increase the price of the transaction and protect the interests of the seller.

The organization of a deal on the Sell-side is always a delicate and sophisticated process, a priori is non-public. Given the complexity of the M&A process, it is virtually impossible to sell a business effectively without a professional advisory.

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Buy-side services

We always find optimal investment solutions for buyers. By representing the buyer in M&A transactions, we conduct a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of the target of the acquisition/investment to determine the optimal price and structure of the transaction. A complex of professional services and a expert negotiating approach enable us to make every deal successful.

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Formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances

If you plan to expand into new markets, want to increase the sales geography, protect your market from the expansion of a stronger competitor or bring a new product to the market and do not have the required resources or technology, we can help you find a partner to create a joint venture or a strategic alliance.

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Business restructuring

Business restructuring is needed for companies experiencing financial difficulties, as well as for companies that seek to improve the performance of their business and position themselves for rapid growth.

Many companies accumulate non-core assets and build and retain rather cumbersome organizational structures, resulting in inefficient financial and human resource management. Some divisions became less effective or even cease to generate profits, this negatively impacting the financial performance of the entire business.

Rada Capital will help optimize and strengthen your business and fufill shareholder shareholders requirements. We will analyze your business and find the best solutions for restoring company control, debt restructuring and repayment and reducing insolvency risks in the future.

Services included are:

  • Company’s operations analysis to identify organizational and financial problem areas
  • Elimination of inefficiencies: optimization of business processes, divestiture of unprofitable units
  • Restructuring or refinancing of debt, raising additional funding to increase liquidity
  • Increasing liquidity by selling non-core assets or non-essential parts of the business
  • Reducing outstanding receivables

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Equity Capital Markets

Our extensive network of institutional and private investors, as well as contacts in the international investment community, allow us to identify best options for attracting the necessary equity on the global equity capital markets to help our clients reach their funding objectives. This includes the attraction of equity capital through private (PP) or public (IPO) placement of company shares.

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